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​Employment awards and conditions of employment

Awards are legal documents that outline the wages and conditions of employment for groups of employees in a particular industry or type of work.

If employees are covered by an award, the award is legally binding on you as the employer. You must provide the entitlements outlined in the award including wages and penalty rates, hours of work, allowances and a range of other provisions. Employers and employees cannot agree to lesser conditions or agree to ignore the award. However, arrangements providing for pay and conditions better than those in the award are legal.

Most businesses are covered by either state awards or national modern awards.

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Important information

State awards
Visit  commerce.wa.gov.au for additional information on State awards and a variety of labour relations issues including:

Modern awards
For more information about National modern awards check out the Fair Work Ombudsman website at fairwork.gov.au. This site provides a gateway to information and advice about workplace rights and regulations, including Awards and National employment standards.

If you are unsure whether a state or national award applies to your business, call Wageline on 1300 655 366 for assistance to determine your employment obligations.