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Step 3 – Future workforce requirements

Business context and environmentCurrent workforce profileFuture workforce requirementsAnalyse and fill the gapReview and evaluate your action planWorkforce Planning Map

Based upon your business goals and vision, think about where your business is likely to be in 2–3 years time. Think about what is likely to shift and change? Think about your future products and services, markets, partnerships, stage of your business cycle and what your workforce needs may be. Consider all the possible scenarios that may emerge in the future.

Now estimate what may happen to your workforce over the next few years. During this step it is also helpful to consider the following factors:

  • the age of your employees and their retirement plans;
  • the increasing diversity of the population;
  • skill shortages;
  • the different workplace expectations across the generations;
  • personal circumstance; an
  • that an employee’s development needs may change as a job role changes.

Once you have an idea about where your business will be in the next 2–3 years, and possibly in the longer term, think about what your ideal or desired workforce should look like and what skills they will need for your business in the future.

To help you with this step, refer to and complete the My future workforce skills template.