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Step 1 - Business context and environment

Business context and environmentCurrent workforce profileFuture workforce requirementsAnalyse and fill the gapReview and evaluate your action planWorkforce Planning Map

Workforce planning needs to be directly linked to you business goals, and so the first step is to think about your own business context. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my business goals and vision? 

  • Where is my business heading? Is it growing, downsizing, transitioning, shifting skills, introducing new technology or is it in a maintenance mode?

  • What are the economic conditions that impact on my industry sector and markets and does this impact on my business?

  • Who are my customers/clients?

  • What is going on internally in my business and how will this impact on my workforce requirements? 

  • What are the short, medium and long term goals for my business and what workforce skills and capability will I need to achieve these business goals?

Having a good understanding of the current environment and context of the industry your business is operating in, as well as your goals for the future of your business, will help you to plan your workforce needs and develop strategies to turn your goals into business success.

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Important information
For information about your industry context, and to access Industry Training Plans, contact your local Training Council

Regional Workforce Development Plans can also provide useful information.

For information on programs and services that can help your business, visit business.gov.au.