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Identifying training needs

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Training is the process of gaining skills (competencies) and knowledge to perform an activity effectively. Training usually has a practical focus.

Rarely does someone walk into a job with all the skills, knowledge and attributes required to do their work to an optimum level from day one. Often there is a requirement for some form of training or knowledge development. Training and development is also useful to up-skill your existing employees into higher positions or to take on different roles in your business.

Training needs analysis (TNA)

Training is an investment in your business and can lead to increased productivity, enthusiastic staff, higher morale, increased profit and a positive business reputation.

You will need to determine what training employees need, particularly new employees, to ensure that they are able to complete the work you need them to do. This process is commonly referred to as a training needs analysis (TNA).

A TNA will help you to identify what training might be required to bridge the gap between an employee’s current skill level and the skill level that you need them to have. To make sure your training investment is properly targeted, consider:

  • the role of each staff member and what you want them to achieve and contribute to your business; and

  • whether each staff member has the skills and knowledge to do what you need them to do. If not, identify what skills or knowledge they need and put in place training in these areas to up skill them

To help you identify skills gaps and where training might be required for current and future staff, use the Training needs analysis template. A TNA can be applied across your business, from individual staff members to whole departments. 

A team training plan

A team training record will help to keep track of the training that your employees are doing. To see how it’s done check out the team training record template to help you keep training records for your business.