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Strategies or initiatives you may wish to consider to improve your retention of valued employees could include: 

  • flexible work arrangements such as working off site, varied hours and salary sacrifice for additional leave;

  • practices that support employees to balance work and caring responsibilities, such as additional parental leave, support for carers and employees who become seriously ill including extended unpaid leave;

  • support for employees to pursue personal and professional development or study;

  • providing a forum for staff to contribute new ideas and develop innovation in the workplace;

  • providing high quality performance development, leadership opportunities, coaching and mentoring;

  • employee assistance, workplace diversity, wellness and health programs;

  • support for employees participating in local community and volunteering activities; and

  • celebrations and recognition of organisational and personal achievements.

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Important Information

Use the Retain and support checklist to highlight the actions you may need to take to help you to retain and support employees in your own workplace.

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