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High calibre leadership and communication skills, including the ability to apply effective workforce development strategies, are important ingredients for the overall success of your business.

Effective leaders have the ability to create an environment in which employees enjoy working and are productive. Your ability to achieve this depends on the leadership and communication methods you choose when dealing with your employees, together with effective management skills, including the implementation of robust workforce development strategies.

Successful leaders combine their management skills with strong leadership and communication abilities. For example, organising an employee roster is a management skill, while motivating your employees to perform involves leadership skills.

Key leadership skills

Leadership skills enable you to manage more effectively. The key abilities that are important for effective leadership include the ability to:

  • manage relationships;

  • motivate employees;

  • resolve problems and make decisions;

  • deal with conflict;

  • teach, mentor/coach and support others by acting as a role model;

  • modify one’s own behaviour when necessary; and

  • see a new or different path and encourage others to follow.

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Leadership is team-based behaviour, not about individuals … leaders are captain-coach leaders, building the business from within. They are passionate, consistent in behaviour and they walk the talk.

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