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The business case for diversity across your workforce is compelling. Given that the traditional pool of potential employees has significantly reduced, workforce diversity is an important component of long term sustainability.

Increasingly, businesses are operating in the global marketplace and may find it beneficial to have employees from different cultural or linguistic backgrounds to assist in establishing overseas markets. Your customers and potential customers come from diverse backgrounds too. Having a diverse workforce allows you to deliver better services to your customers and build better customer relationships with them.

For example, more mature or younger customers may prefer to be served by employees of a similar age group. Employees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds may help to attract and retain customers from similar backgrounds. Aboriginal people are an important part of the customer base, and as employees can add fresh perspectives and build awareness of new business opportunities.

In a competitive labour market, it is prudent to maximise your pool of potential employees.  If you are having difficulty attracting employees, it may be timely to take a fresh look at groups that may not have previously seemed an obvious fit for your business. People from these groups may be qualified, capable, keen and well suited to perform work in your business.

These groups include, but are not limited to:






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Important information
The following resources provide information about hiring someone from beyond your traditional pool of potential employees: 

    1.  Business.gov.au:

    2.  Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety:

    3.  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (Inc.) – publications:

    4.  Disability Services Commission, Government of Western Australia:

    5.  Australian JobSearch:

  • For assistance in finding employees to build your diverse workforce, contact Australian Jobsearch on 13 17 15 or visit jobsearch.gov.au

    6.  Workplace Gender Equality Agency: