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Who can I speak to about my workforce planning and development needs?
How do I attract workers to my business?

Check out the type of strategies that you could consider to help you attract employees to you workplace.​

Attraction and recruitment
How do I employ an apprentice or trainee?

For comprehensive information about how to employ an apprentice or trainee contact the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network, or call 13 38 73.​

Attraction and recruitment
Where do I go for information on recruitment?

Visit the recruitment section of this website as a good starting point.​

Attraction and recruitment
How do I manage staff performance?

For useful information about performance management check out the management and motivation section.​

Management and motivation
What funding is available to assist employers with Workforce Planning and Workforce Development?

Check out the funding section of this website for a range of options available to employers.​

Training and development
How can I find out about training?

You can find information about many different training opportunities at Training WA. ​

Training and development
Where do I go to get career advice?

The Career Centres are a good starting point, or call 136464.​

Training and development
Location of training providers

Find out more about Training providers and Registered training providers and their services. Search for a registered training provider in your area.​

Training and development
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How do I start to develop a Workforce Action Plan?

The 5 steps to workforce planning is a good starting point.​

What are the benefits of workforce planning and development to my bottom line?

Not being able to attract and retain staff and having to replace staff can cost businesses time, productivity and money.

Workforce planning and development helps to increase an individual businesses ability to plan, attract, develop and retain skilled workers today and tomorrow. ​

How do I do a training need analysis?

Refer to Step 4 in the Workforce Planning Process for information about doing your gap analysis.​ Now think about and list the key workforce actions you will need to take to complete your planning process.

How do I do succession planning?

Your succession planning would be considered within the context of your 5 step Workforce Planning process and your succession planning strategies would be documented as part of your Workforce Action Plan. ​

How can I find out about the demographics of the workforce for my industry sector?

The Deparment of Training and Workforce Development or the Training Council for your industry sector provide good starting points. ​

Attraction and recruitment
What is the current labour supply trend for my industry?

Contact the Training Council for your industry sector or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to find out about the labour supply and demand trends for your specific industry.​

Attraction and recruitment
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How do I employ someone and how much do I pay them?

For general information on how to appoint an employee, your obligations as an employer and pay rates visit the Workplace Regulations section of this website.

For pay rates you can contact Wageline and Fair Work Australia. ​

What legislation is applicable to my business?

To find out about your legislative requirements as a business owner, visit the, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Labour Relations, Small Business Corporation or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.​

Where can I get industrial relation advice?
Where can I find information about my duty of care as an employer?

Check out the duty of care information in the Workforce Development section and also information from the Department Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Worksafe website.​

Duty of care
What are the awards covering my business?

To find out about the different awards that may be covering your business check the employment awards area.  If you are still not sure which award applies to your business contact Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Labour RelationsSmall Business Development CorporationWageline, or Fair Work Australia.​

Employment awards
How do I find out about dismissal entitlements?

Contact Wageline or Fair Work Australia for specific advice or check out the detailed information on terminating a worker's employment at the Small Business Development Corporation Western Australia website.

Equal opportunity and employment
Where can I find information about my occupational health and safety requirements as an employer?Equal opportunity and employment