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New information brochure for employers – Training and developing your staff

The Department of Training and Workforce Development, together with our project partners, has published the seventh in a series of workforce planning and development brochures tailored to small to medium businesses. The seventh brochure is titled Training and developing your staff.  

The training and development of employees is an integral part of business and a commitment to training is a key measure that can define a quality organisation. It also provides workers with the knowledge and skills they require to perform effectively in the workplace.

Advantages and benefits of training

Training is good for business when the skills required to run the operation are clearly understood and the training implemented strongly supports business requirements.

The advantages for business include:

  • better workforce flexibility;
  • lower staff turnover rates;
  • increased productivity;
  • improved safety performance;
  • less exposure to risk; and
  • enhanced external profile.

The benefits for the workforce include:

  • increased job satisfaction;
  • better workplace morale;
  • increased motivation and engagement;
  • improved skills base; and
  • potential for career advancement.

If you would like to find out more you can download the brochure.

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