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New tool to better match apprentices to employers

Group Training Australia in conjunction with Ithaca Group has developed a web-based tool to improve the matching of apprentices to employers aimed at increasing apprenticeship completion rates.

The initiative is funded by the Commonwealth Government Department of Education and Training.

The tool has been developed following the findings of research conducted by Ithaca Group in 2011 for the former NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training and included in their report A Fair Deal.

The research found that the mismatch between apprentices and their employers was one of the major reasons for high attrition rates amongst apprentices.

The key message is that the more effort put into the selection of suitable candidates for apprenticeships and matching them to employers who are equipped to provide them with a supportive learning environment, the more likely an apprentice will see that they are getting a fair deal and persevere with their training until they have completed their qualification.

The web-based tool is targeted at intermediaries whose role it is to assist in the selection process. This includes the staff of group training organisations, recruitment agencies such as the new Commonwealth-funded Jobactive providers, Commonwealth-funded Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers, and school careers advisors.

The tool can be accessed at www.employingapprentices.com.au