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New information brochure for employers – Investing in the experience of mature-age workers

The Department of Training and Workforce Development, together with our project partners, has published the ninth in a series of workforce planning and development brochures tailored to small to medium businesses.  The ninth brochure is titled Investing in the experience of mature-age workers.

Mature-age workers may be defined as between 45 and 64 years old, but changes to the formal retirement age and people living longer, healthier lives will result in many people working beyond this age range.

This shift in the workforce age profile requires businesses to adopt strategies to attract and retain mature-age workers.

Benefits to business

The experience of mature-age workers can provide significant benefits to business including retention of corporate and industry knowledge. These workers may:

  • identify ways to improve work and business processes;
  • fill skill and knowledge gaps in the workplace;
  • accept responsibility and work independently; and
  • provide mentoring and training to younger and less experienced employees.

If you would like to find out more you can download the brochure.

You can also download all previous brochures in the Templates and resources section of this website.