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​​New information brochure for employers – Improve your bottom line with workforce planning

The Department of Training and Workforce Development, together with our project partners, has published the tenth in a series of workforce planning and development brochures tailored to small to medium businesses.  The tenth brochure is titled Improve your bottom line with workforce planning.

Workforce planning is a plan about your people.  It is the continuous process of identifying what knowledge, skills and abilities exist in your current workforce and what you may require in the future based on your business goals.

Benefits to your business

Workforce planning will help you:

  • manage staff turnover;
  • support business continuity by identifying and developing current staff with the potential to fill key positions;
  • focus recruitment on what is really needed;
  • identify skills shortages and areas where skills development is required;
  • develop retention strategies to keep key staff and their skills in your business; and
  • identify areas that could be downsized or outsourced.

If you would like to find out more you can download the brochure.

You can also download all previous brochures in the Templates and resources section of this website.