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Hairdressing Assist – New mobile web application

The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a new mobile web application called Hairdressing Assist that provides simple solutions and resources to help employers with workplace issues in the hairdressing industry.

What is it?

Hairdressing Assist is an online tool designed specifically for the hairdressing industry with the object of assisting employees and employers to be prepared for termination or resignation scenarios when they arise. 

The tool asks a series of questions about an end of employment situation and provides solutions to help either resolve a workplace dispute or help manage your business during this time. 

How can it help?

Staffing changes and the loss of employees can be a difficult time for your business. Hairdressing Assist can help guide you through the process by:

  • providing tailored information about ending employment;
  • providing useful templates to assist your business;
  • providing information to help run your business effectively during a period of staff changes;
  • helping you understand your rights and responsibilities if a staff member quits;
  • guiding you through the appropriate way to dismiss employees; and
  • assisting you to manage staff performance the right way.

For more information visit www.fairwork.gov.au/hairdressingassist